November 2013

Merle Jagger "Best Western" Official Video
Merle Jagger's first official video from "Landlords Of The Cornfield". The upcoming follow up record to the critically acclaimed debut "Rancho Los Angeles"
Mark Christi
an - Guitar
Stephan Andrews - Bass
Tod T. Burr - Drums

February 2012

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January 2011

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Check out the making of the Lexus IS Commercial I drum teched for Yamaha!
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March 2010
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July 2009

More new photos are up from the Def Leppard USA Summer Tour.
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June 2009
New photos are up from the first part of the Def Leppard summer 2009 tour in
Ireland, England and the USA. Click here to check them out.

I'm currently on the road with Def Leppard. Check out for all of the dates.

May 2009
A few new shows are posted for this month, click here to find out more!

More pictures have been added from the Tuff and Shameless tour in Europe last month.
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April 2009
New photos are up from the Tuff and Shameless tour in Europe!
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March 2009
New photos are up from my weekend in Mexico City with
Tuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, Enuff Z Nuff & Skid Row.

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New live photos are up from Tuff at Paladinos and Merle Jagger in Vegas
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New photos are up from my birthday
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New show dates are up for:
Forever Vinyl in Southern California in March & April
Tuff & Shameless in Europe in April
Merle Jagger in Los Angeles in April
Tuff in Redondo Beach in May
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February 2009
New shows posted for February, March and April with Forever Vinyl, Tuff, Shameless and Merle Jagger. Click here to check out where I'm playing!

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November 2008
All my photos are up from the last Def Leppard tour in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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September 2008

Last weekend I participated in the Raven Drum Circle in Malibu with Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe. Click here to see all of the photos from the afternoon.

Check out some MP3's from my past and current projects I just posted on my bands page! Click here! And listen to tracks from past albums and soundtracks i've been on, click here!

July 2008
Check out my episode of the "Rock N Roll Acid Test" TV show on FUSE, The Roadie Challenge!
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Tod “T” Burr was born in Yonkers, New York and right from the beginning was trouble with a capital T. From banging on pots and pans, to climbing trees, riding motorcycles and generally giving his mother gray hair way too early, Tod’s earliest memories are of multiple visits to the emergency room. While in high school he discovered a natural ability to keep time and a drum set was bought with money made from working at a gas station and swimsuit modeling. In college at Arizona State University he discovered alcohol. Combing the two was a no brainer. Much of the 80’s was spent in various cover bands all around the southwest. Many years, many bands, many beers and many embarrassing hairstyles later, Tod’s career in the 90’s and early 2000’s flourished with several national and international tours, sometimes playing as many as 150 shows per year, garnering him drum endorsements and indie record deals while somehow holding down a full time job. Today he continues to play in various original and cover bands, while teching for international bands as well. And he still has time for riding motorcycles, drinking beers and banging on pots and pans.
Favorite Beer: Free and cold
Favorite Soda: Mountain Dew
Favorite Food: Extra Cheese Pizza (New York style thin crust)
Favorite Movies: Mad Max Trilogy, Planets Of The Apes (originals), and Bond, James Bond
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Favorite Activities: Playing Drums and Sleeping

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