Shameless - "Famous 4 Madness"
Sample MP3 - Web Junkie

Shameless - "The Ones U Hate 2 Love"
Sample MP3 - Coming Soon!

Freedom Under X-Ray - "American Damage"
Sample MP3 - Don't Tell Me

Fastback - "The Pain of Beauty"
Sample MP3 - Independent

Tuff - "Live in the U.K."
Sample MP3 - Dead, Jail & Rock N Roll

The Druts
Sample MP3 - C'Mon

King Con - FUBAR
Sample MP3 - Your Lovin Squeeks

King Con - "Double Secret Probation"
Sample MP3 - Famous For Being Famous

Substance D - "Addictions"
Sample MP3 - California

Substance D - "Black"
Sample MP3 - Super Human

Leigh Silver & Bitter Things
Sample MP3 - Summer Waves

Agrokulcher - "Steady at the Surface"
Sample MP3 - Walk Away

Melting Pot - "Delicate Balance"
Sample MP3 - 14th Street

Melting Pot - "Strike 3 You're In"
Sample MP3 - Around The Corner

Cecil B Demented Soundtrack
Sample MP3 - Everday

Sample MP3 - Heart Beating Fast

Ultra Lux- "Precision Noise"
Sample MP3 - Coming Soon!

Third Wish - "Fountain of Euthanasia"
Sample MP3 - Coming Soon!


Beast of Bray Road
featuring Freedom Under Xray, King Con & Substance D

Cecil B Demented featuring Substance D

Dead Men Walking featuring Substance D

DIP 4 LIFE featuring Freedom Under Xray

All My crazy Friends 3
featuring Freedom Under Xray

Dorm Daze 2 featuring King Con