Merle Jagger

Boiling out of the stills of LA's underground is Merle Jagger, an instrumental trio ready to blaze a new trail of amped up Country Rock with a mix of Bluegrass and Jazz for the new Western millennium.

Searching for the truth and not just the cake, long time sessioneer guitarist Mark Christian, a native of the Southern California orange tree ranches, teamed up with barnyard pals bassist Steve Andrews and drummer Tod T. Burr for the ultimate progressive Hillbilly experiment. Mr. Christian's eclectic electric guitar style is fueled by a kaleidoscope of banjo and flat picking treasures that emulate a round-up of influences including Jimmy Bryant, Roy Clark, Jimi Hendrix, and Joe Maphis.

The Druts

The Druts, pronounced (The Dr-oo-ts), is Chuck Garric on bass and Vocals, Chris Latham on Guitars and Tod Burr Drums. Influenced by Budweiser, Motorhead and Biker fests. The Druts deliver Loud American Rock & Roll.

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• The Bomb - 4.7MB

Freedom Under X-ray

Formed Orange County, CA "Freedom Under X-Ray" a.k.a F.U.X. provide the rock/punk style of music that is the new cutting edge for today's music scene. Formally known as "Mel-Ting-Pot" re-arranged the band "Freedom Under X-Ray" after the original guitarist Eddie Went to vocals and Chris the original singer for MP went to guitars, now hotter than ever. Together for 8 years band members Eddie Figlioli ("Eroc" Lead vocals), Chris Lillie ("Lil" Guitar), Devin Baker (Bass), and Todd Burr ("T.M." Drums) are all seeing their dreams of a recording contract getting closer. Due to release a double-sided single in early summer. Keep your eyes open for this up and coming bands debut album due to be released in the late summer called "American Issues." All star line up featuring Darrell Brown as our Producer, Juan Croucier as Engineer, and Mike Dumas-Mixing. Crushing sound coming out of our sessions.

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• Free The People - 2.8MB

King Con

Outrageous, ribald, awesome, sophomoric, unbridled debauchery, drunken frat rock. All words that have become associated with KING CON. Call it what you will, but let's just say that they are a really kickass band! But don't take our word for it. Come see them live and you will be initiated into the fraternity; a permanent member of the ongoing party. Whether it be the alcohol fueled comic repartee of front man King Con, or wrestling matches between the official band mascot,"Cornelius the Gorilla", and the infamous "Masked Man", the onstage antics of KING CON have already become legendary.

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• Sunday Mornin - 4.2MB

Motley Priest

Motley Priest Bio A Tribute to the “Hardest of Heavy Metal” Motley Priest will take you & your friends back to 1985 all over again with their leather pants, studded belts and an arsenal of Heavy Metal Anthems. While many cover bands paint themselves into a corner by covering a single artist, Motley Priest has adopted the same approach that some other great tribute bands have by covering a genre of music in general. Motley Priest pays tribute to the Hardest of Heavy Metal. Motley Priest is made up of world-class talent. Fronted by W. Axl Halford who actually becomes a Metal God upon taking the stage with his custom Chromed Mic-stand and razor sharp metal pipes. K.K. DeMartini & Ace Mustaine supply the dueling guitar licks for Motley Priest. With decades of experience between them, there is not a guitar lick that has not flowed from their fiery filled fingertips. The always-comical yet solid bassist Nikki Simmons & skin-pounding madman Lars McBrain help to round out the rhythm section. In all, these true veterans of Heavy Metal have nearly 100 years experience. Motley Priest will literally put you back in the arena from the starting sounds of their true to Metal “666” Intro. Tape. This tape mesh’s the greatest of 80’s Metal Bands Introductions. Motley Priest features a Double Bass drum kit and the signature 80’s Metal styled Warlock’s, Explorers, & Mockingbird’s help make up the vast arsenal of axes. Motley Priest takes the stage in a wardrobe that convinces the fan’s eye and then some. The mirrored sunglasses, leather jackets, bullet belts and studs from head to toe. Add in a 24-foot wide 10-foot high black arena styled backdrop painted with 18 Marshall cabinets and you have your self a must see Heavy Metal concert. “From the back of the club I thought I was at the Forum back in 1985”…says one Metal Head fan from Canoga Park. Motley Priest is proud to pay tribute to the very Heavy Metal music they grew up on, which means these are not young lads by any means. The average age of Motley Priest is 35, which is displayed in their professional attitude, articulated musical performances and overall presence. Their sound is loud, heavy and performed with exceptional expertise. Motley Priest has recording credentials and touring tails that most would boast of, but this is not about those credits. Motley Priest is about having a good time and remembering the Heavy Metal that once ruled MTV, Radio Stations and Arenas from Los Angeles to New York and back.

Substance D

substAnce D was formed in Los Angeles in 1992. Then known as Black, their self-titled debut was released in Europe in 1994. Black was a two year record in the making. Guitarist Michael Parnin daylights as a sound engineer who has worked with such bands as Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit and Coal Chamber. So Parnin would stay late at work, wait until everyone else left and then invite the rest of the guys to whatever studio he was working at to record. Most of Black was done at about 3 am in the morning on someone else's booked studio time. Originally thought of as just some rough demos, it was these recordings that got released in Europe and eventually put out by FAD records in late 1998 as Black under the new band name substAnce D. FAD quietly released the album, to get the name out and had them tour with label mates, Pissing Razors. Afterwards, they got them in the studio (legitimately) to work on a new album.

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• Slit The Wrist - 4.3 MB


Hundreds of shows played, thousands of miles traveled and one hell of a wild ride. Thanks to the new age of video a lot of tuffs career and dozens of shows have been documented. Tuff went on to release 2 CDs through major labels (Atlantic/Titanium & BMG/Mausoleum), 3 CDs on their own label R.L.S. Records. Along with 3 killer Tuff home videos that show what a band really goes through day in and day out. All of this along with tour T-shirts and a few other items can still be purchased through this web page & fan club.

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• Dead, Jail or Rock N Roll