Def Leppard Tour Oct - Nov 08
Japan, Australia and New Zealand
GODZ bar in Shinjuku, Japan Behind the bar at GODZ in Shinjuku, Japan The wall behind the bar at GODZ Tokyo Dome Hotel
The view from my hotel in Tokyo Electronic toilets in Tokyo! Abbey Road Live Music House Abbey Road Drum Lamp - Its Yamaha!
Abbey Road 3D Art Tokyo Harley Dealer 1 Tokyo Harley Dealer 2 Tokyo Harley Logo
Awesome helmet Another awesome helmet Rockside Music Store Super Guitar Shop
Tokyo Yamaha Kawaski Dealer Truth In Advertising Tokyo Tower The Zoomer
Outlaw Cycles on Motorcyle Row Flight Club Cycles Japanese flag at Budakon Japanese Taxis - expensive!
Our ground transportation At the bullet train station in Tokyo Bullet train arrives Mt. Fuji from the bullet train
Don't Drink and Drive Bullet Train #2 Osaka Castle Autograph wall at Yamaha factory
It's Cheese! Soichi & Me in Nagoya 1st Aussie beer.. this tour! Halloween KISS Pumpkins
View of Perth, Australia Aussie Federal Police Line O'Luggage What NOT to sell at the airport book store!
View of Melbourne With Dean at Back In The Day, Melbourne With the DJ at Back In The Day Hanging out at Back In The Day
Partiers at Back In The Day Stripper pole at Back In The Day Sydney Tower.. again! Billy Hyde's... again!
Newcastle Harbor Newcastle Observation Tower Cheap Tricks 5 String - Heavy! Bun's Ludwigs!
With Jon & Tony in Sydney Anzac Bridge, Sydney Drooling Roo poster! Wollongong Lighthouse.. again!
On stage in Wollongong Linecheck ham! New tourbus, yay! With Ludwig's Todd Trent
Kenno, 13, Me & Hordo How you goin' bruce? Funny sign Even our Aussie tour bus has roo bars!
View of Canberra Poster from the last time I was in Wollongong Beach at Wollongong Avoid the bloodbin!
Cool old tree in Auckland Domain park Feeding baby ducks in Auckland Toyota of the devil! I am the walrus...
End of tour thank you! On stage with Rick in New Zealand Mugging for the camera! Drunk Pilot?!
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