Me & Sherry at Prosecco for birthday dinner, March 09 With new friend... Hillary Duff! Birthda dinner, March 09 Mushroom cake! Complimnets of Hillary Duff The girls celebrating my birthday at Match
Whose birthday is it?! Celebrating my birthday at Match Merle Jagger in Vegas Tuff at Paladinos
Harley Riding, 2008 With Leigh & Sherry With Sherry Couch Bowling!
Me and Rick Allen Me and my friend Rickk Me with Lordi at House of Blues Me and Derik of Rivethead
At Club Hell, Nov 08 With Leigh & Sherry at Club Hell Sherry & Me at Club Hell Check it out!
Me & Luigi enjoying Sunday brunch Me, Rick Allen & Jerry Johnson Me & Forrest, India.Ari's Drummer With the crew on the Def Leppard bus in Detroit
With Joey Belladona from Anthrax A day off in Detroit Go Karts in Indiana! Bad ass Charger at the Syracuse State Fair
Backstage in Ohio with crew and friends Backstage in Ohio With Sherry & Pilgrim in Detroit Lindz, Megan, Me & Sherry at Sagebrush
Me, Sherry & Luigi on her birthday Me, Mike & his roomate at Sherrys birthday party Me, Sherry & Mike at her birthday party Like father, like son!
Birthday 2008 w/ Sherry & the rockin cake! W/ King Con & Mike at my show/Birthday party 08 All the guys at my birthday 2008 Me, Lindze & Megan at my birthday 2008
Sherry & Me Me & Moji Me, Sherry, Polexxia & DJ Will Moji, Sherry & Me
Me in Tool's studio Superbowl 07 with Mike, Mitch & Connell Superbowl 07 with Mike Superbowl 07 with Sherry
Superbowl 07 with Tobey Superbowl 07 with Mitch FUX Show with friends FUX show with Eddie, Kim & Sherry
In Hollywood 2/07 with Michael In Hollywood 2/07 with Sherry In Hollywood 2/07 with Chad In Hollywood 2/07 with Teal
In Hollywood 2/07 with Danny New Years Eve 07 New Years Eve 07 New Years Eve 07
Jim, Isaiah & Me at Motley Priest Me & Beans at Madlife Pretty Boy Floyd & Friend My favorite thing to do!
Recording w/Shameless w/Mike Fasano w/Kerri Kelly & sushi! w/Chris Jerico
with Sherry on Halloween Halloween BOOBIES! with the REAL captain! arrrrrgghh, matey!
Sabian dinner with Tommy Cluefetos with Nick from Regal Tip with Nick, Sherry, Tommy and Stefan
Tuff backstage in Vegas Pretty Boy Floyd backstage in Vegas Jack, Me & Paul BEER!
Backstage in Vegas Sherry & Me backstage in Vegas Rental cars rule with the Lovehammers
with Jerry Only A birthday kiss from Sherry 2006 with Sherry before Bondage Ball Metal Sludge-O-Ween at Paladinos
Metal Sludge-O-Ween at Paladinos Metal Sludge-O-Ween at Paladinos With Chuck on Halloween With Wednesday 13 on Halloween
Billys Birthday Cruise Billys Birthday Cruise Billys Birthday Cruise Billys Birthday Cruise
Billys Birthday Cruise -
Substance D 2005
Sponge Tod Square Pants! Fastback Me with Tommy Lee's drum kit
Sherry's Birthday
With Nico McBrain
Freedom Under Xray With Sherry @ Bondage Ball
With Tico Torres With John Denver With Peter Criss With Mickey D of Motorhead
With Rikki Rocket With Cleme Burke of Blondie With Tommy Aldridge With Bobby Blotzer of RATT
With Disturbed drummer With Jimmy Chamberlin My Birthday 2004 At the Rainbow
With Disturbed Adrian, Ali & Me With Brian & Michael With Ralph Sanz