INXS Canada, North America and Mexico Tour
November 2006
with the kit in NYC with Eric and Nate REAL NYC pizza! Union Square
view from hotel in NYC St. Johns, Newfoundland INXS kit version 2.0 Sudbury Arena
Sudbury Snow Annapolis Bay Annapolis Foot Bridge NFLD Partridge Family?!
No Peanuts?! Alligator Farm in SC Mountain Dew in a glass bottle! Tour bus in SC
with Candi and her sister and the gift basket! my awesome gift basket! Indian Larrys last bike build - Hollywood, FL My motto!
Monterrey, Mexico Monterrey, Mexico El Dew! Yes Please!
The arena in Monterrey Steve, Aiden, Lindz & Me in Monterrey The hotel in Mexico City Zona Rosa in Mexico City
Plaza de Angels