INXS Australia/New Zealand Tour - August 2006
petting a baby kangaroo! us with a Koala my cabin in Cairns Tireodile at the hotel in Cairns
im holding a sea cucumber! having VB's with James on deck the pool at the Karanda resort in Cairns coral at the great barrier reef
sea turtle! on deck at the great barrier reef bushfire in Cairns gecko in my bathroom!
the great barrier reef Holden Monaro - cool! Me & Lindsay in Townsville My Sponge Bob presents!
my night visitor! and he likes cheese! no swimming - no kidding! a bad ass ute!
puddle jumper cabin in Macay view of Brisbane people on the Story Bridge in Brisbane
check out this bumper sticker! the stage in Brisbane Brisbane Harley australian bearded dragon on a tree!
On the beach in Woolongong Win Stadium - Footy! Woolongong Lighthouse Sick Thunder Ute!
handing jon sticks a town called Bobbin Head! Metal Horns with MystifyMe! the hoodie triplets!
Queen Victoria building Rainbow at Luna Park The wrong Coney Island! Me & the Harbour Bridge
Cool tree Sydney Opera House NO MORE SORE BALLS! airport-hotel-venue-hotel-airport-perth?
Aussie tour bus Parmeseana! Parmeseana at Tasmania Lake! I DO NOT!!
View of Tasmania Tasmania Harbour View of Adelaide with Chris from the Living End
Luna Park Melbourne Lindsay & Me at a Tassie Pub Holden Blimp! Dean, Me & Al
Jonny law kiwi style! the aussie crew christchurch cathedral Yo Yo Yo Whassup!
Kenno and me at the Beach Bar someone needs spellcheck! the auckland tower The Rockshop
My kind of bar! Auckland oops! Me, Sherry & Dean at Back in the Day George & Me at Back in the Day
Sherry & Me at Back in the Day Me at the Marquee for Back in the Day Harley Sydney Think I can fit??
Sherry & Me in Darling Harbour im touching the Opera House! me in a tree!! ahhh! snake!!
aahhh!! more snake! me in Darling Harbour Sherry & Me on the ferry Sherry & Me on top of the Intercontinental hotel
Rehearsing at the NRL in Sydney with Timmy Rehearsing at the NRL in Sydney On stage in Sydney